The Value of Mentoring a Student

Their first event together was a cook-off at Ernst and Young for all the mentor-mentee pairs which Miller, 23, likened to a junior high school dance. “Everyone was nervous, and nobody wanted to mingle. But we hit it off right away.”

Through their shared experiences, Martha introduced Zuleika to a world she hadn’t experienced and has helped to overcome her shyness. Most memorable was a trip that several of the mentors and mentees took to a dance studio in Manhattan, where the pairs learned to salsa. “I’m used to salsa dancing. In my culture we do it all the time,” Zuleika says. “So I felt like I was helping to teach Martha.”

Lately, Martha and Zuleika have been working on ways to balance the competing pressures of family and school. Zuleika’s mother is in cosmetology school, and since she is the oldest child, she often needs to babysit for her younger brothers. Martha is helping Zuleika come up with a plan for managing her time.

“When I was in high school, I used to get overwhelmed with deadlines and schedules,” says Martha. “So one of the things we need to do is figure out how to make a step-by-step plan.”

“Martha helps me a lot,” Zuleika chimes in.

Zuleika’s goal is to improve her grades, graduate high school and go to college to study medicine. None of these will be easy for her, but Martha’s support, encouragement, and advice will help make it possible for Zuleika to achieve her dreams.


Do you sample other’s foods? and other pointless questions

1. Do you watch what you eat or do you eat what you want? 

A combination of both of these things, I have an extremely sensitive stomach, so there’s a lot I try to avoid. Keeping that in mind, I pretty much eat what I want within certain parameters, and I do try to watch how much of it I eat. So, both.

2. Do you sample other’s foods?

3. What are your personal staples (i.e. food you keep around all the time)?
Can this include staple drinks, too? Red wine, pellegrino sparkling water, drunken goat cheese & crackers, special K with red berries, salads with grilled chicken, crystal light decaf ice tea, dunkin donuts ice coffee, and bananas.

4. What foods do you eat that you know you should not?
Anything dairy (see above, cheese), anything involving cheese! I love it, it kills my stomach, but I eat it anyway.

5. What foods do you absolutely hate!
Peas, steak, ham, pretty much any kind of red meat. I think that’s it. I’m not a picky eater, but there are a handful of foods I just absolutely detest.

6. What foods do you loooove but don’t get a chance to eat very often?
Pizza – I love it, but don’t eat it often. Also, anything Southeast Asian, veggie spring rolls, fresh seafood. Mmm! Fresh seafood – yay for summer being around the bend – my favorite summer activity (of course it involves eating) is sitting outside at a restaurant on the water, drinking killer margaritas, and eating yummy fresh seafood.