The Art Of Calligraphy

Calligraphy is often considered more of an art form than simple letters on a page. It is usually best for formal invitations, official documents, and even works of art. If you are interested in learning calligraphy, you should know the basic tools you will need, as well as techniques that are most often used. I wrote this post to set some sorority young student on a career path that may be unusual, but pretty interesting! So let’s check out the Art of Calligraphy.


Calligraphy Pens

The essential tool for this art form is the pen, and there are many options when it comes to this. You can use a cartridge pen, which lets you change out nibs. Wider nibs are creating larger letters, whereas narrower nibs will be resulting in smaller print. With a cartridge pen, you can also switch out the ink, allowing you to change colors whenever you want. You can also choose a dip pen, which is exactly what it sounds like — a pen that you dip into a small pot of ink when you want to write.

An additional option is a felt pen, which is easy to use because it usually comes with one ink color and two different nibs. With this type of pen, you can simply remove the cap and begin writing without having to use a separate ink pot or switching out nibs. It is often nice to have a few felt pens for calligraphy since you will benefit from having black ink for formal documents and different colors to change it up. Another great aspect is that in general, a study in calligraphy is relatively cheap so you won’t run into a lot of debt.


Every nib produces a different result, so you should practice writing with a variety of nibs on your pen. Many nib sets come with a chart that guides you, letting you know which nib is best for a certain look. You are encouraged to practice often so you know just which nibs and ink colors to use for each occasion. It may also be a good idea to start your own business once you’ve completed your calligraphy studies.

One of the basics of calligraphy is that everything can be written using a combination of lines and ovals, depending on the letter. In addition, you should make sure to put an equal amount of space between every letter and make all uppercase letters the same height. Lowercase letters should also all be the same height. This can produce an elegant, artistic appearance.

The ink should flow smoothly, and the result should make that obvious. This is why you should avoid changing nibs or ink colors while in the middle of writing a word. You want to make sure the words seem to flow on the page, and are not choppy or hastily written. Take your time on every word so that your writing looks more like artwork than notes that were quickly jotted down. This is serious business, so GET serious!


As with everything, practice makes perfect when it comes to calligraphy. If you have not had a chance to practice this craft, you should avoid addressing wedding invitations or other important documents. Instead, hire a calligrapher until you are confident that your lettering will look elegant and unique. Similar to a painter or any other type of artist, you need the right tools and ample time to practice your craft before you can confidently display or sell the results, so you should first make sure calligraphy is your priority for a while. So if you decide to set up tour own business, you also need a top-notch web presence. Learn all about that here.