Small bakery provides great work experience for students

HOMEMADE_BREAD_AND_SWEET_ROLLS_ARE_MADE_DAILY_BY_JIM_TILLMAN_OF_TILLMAN'S_BAKERY._IT_IS_THE_ONLY_ONE_REMAINING_THAT..._-_NARA_-_558362Rosenberg witnesses first-hand the transformations some students make while working at the bakery. “When they start, the students are afraid to touch anything!” she says. “But then they try, and if they make a mistake, they see it isn’t the worst thing in the world.”

She adds that students working at the bakery might discover talents they never knew they had. Students also gain important math skills as they calculate measurements for her delicious baked goods.

“Working here is hands-on, and the skills stick in your head,” she says.

Not only does Madge provide great work experience for students, she also supports public school libraries through The Fund’s Shop for Class program.

Now in its fourth year, Shop for Class offersa chance to play a hands-on role in raising needed funds for our schools. Each fall, merchants agree to donate either a percentage of sales or a flat fee to The Fund for Public Schools, with proceeds going to support Library REACH grants.

Since 2004, participants have included retailers of all sizes—from Macy’s Herald Square to Tribeca Treats. Underwritten by American Express, Shop for Class has funded critical upgrades for public school libraries, benefiting over 150,000 students.

Students depend on support from everyone—their teachers and principals, elected officials, and everyday New Yorkers. By providing students with valuable real-world experience, small business owners like Madge are doing their part to build on the progress our schools make every day.