Powerful traits of successful entrepreneurs

Let me start this post with a couple of concepts I have discovered over the years.

Concept #1
We are what we think. The Law of Attraction guys say it this way: The only thing that stands between you and everything you want is your mind. It’s so true and it may be hard to believe, but I am a GED graduate and I try everything to improve my confidence. I failed at high school because there was nobody to help me with my self-confidence so I had a bad image of myself.
It’s all water under the bridge now but I remember how hard it is to think about yourself positively and being able to accomplish what you want.

Concept #2
What we talk about, comes about. Dickinson translation: What you speak into the Universe is what controls your life. We are controlled by our positive or negative self-talk.

Truth: The true power we possess does not come from prestige or place in life, it comes from what we think and how we speak. For the entrepreneur (and everyone else), true power comes from within. With this being said, let’s dive into the four verbal traits of the powerful entrepreneur:

1. The Powerful Entrepreneur speaks increase into others.

As an entrepreneur are you talking to your clients, customers or blog readers in such a way that you build them up? Are you looking for fault or seeking out the good in your audience?
Is your strategy just about their “bottom line” or does it include ways that will help your client to shine in all areas of their business?
Turn that last question around and you are forced to ask yourself “Is it just about my bottom line?”
The powerful entrepreneur knows that speaking increase into others leads to a “win-win” situation for all parties involved.

2. The Powerful Entrepreneur does not gossip.

Number 2 follows Number 1. Gossip tears down. Speaking increase builds up.
The powerful entrepreneur trains his tongue to speak that which is positive. In all ways, gossip is negative, therefore, the powerful entrepreneur does not gossip.
Here’s a tough one:

3. The Powerful Entrepreneur does not complain.

Do you want instant power in your life? – stop complaining.
Remember Concept #2 above – What we talk about, comes about. Related to money, a mentor of mine says it this way: “You cannot out earn your lips.”
Who likes a complainer anyway?
The powerful entrepreneur knows that complaining brings everyone down, including himself/herself.

4. The Powerful Entrepreneur listens more than he speaks.

Sometimes (most times) the best things we can do as an entrepreneur is to shut up and listen.
Listen to our client as they describe their situation. Hear what they are saying – and not saying.
Your example of quiet listening is the very thing that lets your client know that you care. Customers want to be heard.
As my dad always said, “God gave you two ears and one mouth for a reason.”
The powerful entrepreneur knows that listening is the key to helping.