Operation Get Serious!

First off, I want to make it aware that this is the first time in a long time that I’ve blogged again. Yes, please go ahead and stand on your toes and give me a round of applause, I surely deserve it! This is Operation Get Serious!

It’s not like I have anything major to talk about, but I did say once I found out more about the government honors thing I’d tell you all about it. So, yeah. Today, I and a bunch of others who were nominated received a pass to go to the counselor’s office instead of the last period of the day.

I was angry because I had a test to take in that class, but it turned out I didn’t have to take that test. Anyway, we all met in the faculty dining room. The lady told us what it was all about and it’s a very good thing to be a part of I must say and it will get me for a couple of weeks across the pond. Look out America, here I come!

So basically GHP or should I say the Government Honors Program is when teachers nominate select students based on academic achievement, passion for a particular subject and everything of the like. Now, typically it’s expected that you get nominated for one subject. Fortunately, I was nominated for three subjects: English (Literature), Science (Chemistry) and History.

I was shocked to find out of all the people were there, I was the only one to have three nominations. Unfortunately, we can only select one of the subjects to focus on. Well, once you choose (if you have a choice) your subject of expertise, you have to submit an application. Well, I did and I hope this also helps to get my student loans consolidated.

Please note: these applications are a lot tougher and rigorous than the typical college application, so with that being said you should already perceive that this program is very prestigious and elite.

If your application makes it pass the county review, you will be put up for an interview. All in all, you’ll be trying to outshine and have a better application and interview than the other students of your country. The way the interview runs varies depending on your subject. Finally, if you’re selected out of all that made it to the interview you will be officially a part of the program and the program consists of taking enrichment classes at a College (Valdosta College to be exact in the U.S.) and live in a college dorm for 6 weeks with the rest of the honorees. The actual program takes place during the summer months and I expect this will put me on track towards solid entrepreneurship!

That’s pretty much it. Now is the time I really get serious and ensure that I go far in the “competition.” I really am going to choose my subject wisely and hope I make it all the way to State! If I do it’d really make me believe that I do have the potential to succeed at pretty much anything. A guy who made it all the way from our school told us that it’s really a fun program and before it’s over you won’t want to leave and you’ll have a new outlook on school work and such.

There are a lot of activities that happen while there and even better it looks great on your college application. It is very prestigious and wonderful. Wish me luck, and I’ll keep you guys posted about how I also use MIT open coursework to achieve my goals even faster.

Now that I’ve blogged for the second day, I’m going to order a pizza make an attempt to do my homework and study for the three tests I have tomorrow. Oh, joy. Thanks for all the comments on my last post, I’m glad so far that people are fond of the new layout! Keep them coming.