Back On My Feet

images-99My laptop has been repaired, and sadly nothing new will be exposed this post. Why? Well, with the laptop gone, nothing could have been made, created, or the like. But, instead during such a long break I had, I mapped out some ideas on notebook paper and have done a little brain storming for what is to come to the site.

Change is good? Of course it is, so there will be changes, preferably by early September. I think a lot of you will enjoy the updates and changes as the come slowly but surely and can’t wait to see how things turn out.

While I’ve been gone, I completed my Elite Scholar matriculation and successfully gotten through two more weeks of the oh so dreadful school. I also got a new cellphone and have just been going to marching band practice and doing what homework I could before I’d fall asleep from exhaustion.

School has been semi-horrid, but not as bad as I might make it sound, I guess. French so far is the class I’m doing best in, and I have no idea how because I have a horrible accent and I don’t remember most things we go over, but hey if I have an A, I’m all good.

I’ve checked the stats at TAKEABOW’s web awards and all I can say is thanks! Still anyone can win, but I’m currently in the lead for both competitions I’m in and it makes me feel good knowing that after the couple of weeks I’ve been gone, you all still continue to support me. It shows that obviously, my site means “something” to some people and it means everything to me to continue to grow with supporters and visitors. Thanks so much!

Until next time, I shall answer all the questions in the ASK ME section, add all the new affiliate request, update the advertising rotation and update the site in general. I will not be gone forever like last time. Hopefully soon, I can get back into my daily blogging habits. So yeah, continue to leave comments!