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The VISION Project

VISION is a Non-governmental, Non-political, secular Voluntary Organization. Its primary objectives are to spread education, improve health care and implement livelihood programmes. It has been playing an active role through networking with social activists on issues related to welfare and development. See also this video about the irrigation project in the Kalahandi District:

“Visionaries for Integrated Social Initiatives Of Network (VISION)” besides being a Non-political, Non-profit-making voluntary organization is wholeheartedly dedicated to the symphonies, harmonious development of the downtrodden and needy people, their pristine culture and living standard.

It held its birth in 1998-99 with the sincere, unceasing, uncompromising commitment and efforts of a group of youths. VISION, basically working in the health and socio-economic sector. In adding to it, VISION aspires for the upliftment of the downtrodden and weaker sections and other activities on a broader scale in Kalahandi District.

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Are Women Allowed To Drive In Saudi Arabia Now?

Saudi women rebelling!!”, “ Saudi women being treated as second-class citizens for they are being banned from driving”, “Saudi female Manal Al-Sharif arrested for driving by the conservative Saudi government”….. These are the results that flashed through my computer screen when I punched “Saudi Women Driving” or “Women Driving in Saudi”. Since recently, (some) women are allowed to drive, but I actually wanted to know the whole truth behind the issue of the Saudi women and driving and see for myself what the hue and cry is all about!!!

Honestly speaking I know many Saudi females who do drive their cars uninterrupted in Saudi; but they are being subjected to drive only in restricted compound type zones. But do you think it’s just, I mean come on, driving is no more a hobby but a necessity, especially in these days of disappearing Saudi journalists…

Moreover, the problem is just piling up with an increasing growth of professional Saudi females. There is an emergence of females’ participation in various professional sectors like banks, academics, medical, IT and so forth. No longer are the beautiful Saudi females considered as the dainty decked up dolls with only family and home in their agenda but now they are establishing themselves in the professional sectors and are doing really good there.

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To Speak Softly or Roar Loudly? That is the question

Women, did you want a paycheck during the most recent recession? You’d better use a gentle tone; your job was on the line. Want your rights? Speak softly (and give the big stick to the man sitting next to you).

Between the weekend’s Jobs section of the New York Times and a mid-week discussion over lunch with Suraya Pakzad, a strident women’s rights activist in Afghanistan, I got the message loud and clear: if women want to be heard, we need to watch our words. Our lives (and livelihood) depend on it.

As most people know, in the United States, women comprise a majority of the workforce. Yet according to a recent Corporate Gender Gap Report by the World Economic Forum, “women employees are usually concentrated in middle-level or even entry positions and remain still hard to find in board or senior management positions in most industries and countries… barriers to women in top jobs included a ‘lack of role models.’ Others included the ‘general norms and cultural practices’ and ‘masculine or patriarchal corporate culture.’

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Immigration And Why Feminists Should Care

In America, some years ago, thousands of people gathered on the National Mall to demand comprehensive immigration reform from the Obama Administration. Now with Trump on the throne, things seem only to get worse. Anyway, this rally was not covered very extensively in the press as most focus was on the historic vote on health care reform at that time.

Regardless of the unfortunate timing, folks from around the U.S. had converged to show their support of a change to the broken immigration system. Those demanding change cited the separation of families, the backlogs in legal applications, and the exploitation of immigrant workers.

But why should feminists care about immigration, even now when under President Trump, more and more children seem to have lost contact with their mothers at all…!?

As with most rallies and marches, a lot of grand rhetoric and sweeping comments served to stoke the crowd and give fodder to the news headlines the next day. I believe that can be effective on a grand scale, but my personal connection between equality for women and equality for immigrants lies in the quiet life of one woman.

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Are You Overworked?

Chances are your vacation is long overdue. Try finding the time to steal away to a state park, much less to Paris or Rome. The office refuses to let you go. One in six professionals chooses to accumulate vacation days instead of using them, according to a new study from Oxford Health Plans.

Those brave souls who do manage to escape the clutches of the office may leave in body, but most remain connected via satellite. An amazing 83 percent of UK and U.S. workers who vacationed for seven or more days last summer remained in contact with their offices, according to Accenture.

Technology was the leash. Sixty-one percent of vacationers brought mobile technology with them. Of the 16 percent who brought a laptop, 61 percent checked work-related email. Of the 56 percent who brought a cell phone, 61 percent left the number with someone at work. (What were they thinking?) Thirty-three percent checked their voice mail, and of those, 62 percent returned calls.

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Einstein, Billy and Friends – Great British Footballing Fish

It is a few years back, but this was then Britain’s fishy footie squid – sorry, squad

Let’s hope Britain will do well in Russia. We wish our squad the best of results, but let go back a few years and check out this squad.

Bert Trautmann, Sol Campbell, John Scales, Mark Fish, Graham le Roe, Paul Shoals, Steve Guppy, Prawn Wright-Phillips, Jamie Pollock, Connor Sammon, Hugo Rodallega…

Sure, it is a few years way back now, but we were desperately hoping that footballing fish Einstein’s career hasn’t come to a premature end. In case you missed it, the talented Einstein’s path through the beautiful game was imperiled by a sudden illness. As reported in the Daily Express, Einstein’s problems looked a little more serious than a temporary loss of form – he found himself stranded on the bottom of his tank, unable to swim, let alone kick a ball. It took a hand-made tubular lifejacket to put him back on his fins again.

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Looking for Odd Jobs in Britain – Professional Mourner

So you’ve completed your academic education. You’ve earned your degree! And what now… Why not be a professional mourner?  It’s not hard. All you need to be able to do is turn on the waterworks and convince everyone else you are beside yourself with grief now that this excellent person has departed the mortal coil.

Professional mourning has a distinguished history and is practiced all over the world. In Britain, according to John Walsh in a well-respected newspaper (associated with The Independent), witchy women attended funerals of strangers  to “wail over the body in an open coffin.” This happened routinely when Walsh’s Irish forbears on the Atlantic coast signed them up to perform this important and edifying task. These ladies were known as “keeners.”  Sometimes, the distraught widow would comfort herself with a small dram of tipple well away from the mad cacophony.

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The Art Of Calligraphy

Calligraphy is often considered more of an art form than simple letters on a page. It is usually best for formal invitations, official documents, and even works of art. If you are interested in learning calligraphy, you should know the basic tools you will need, as well as techniques that are most often used. I wrote this post to set some sorority young student on a career path that may be unusual, but pretty interesting!


Calligraphy Pens

The essential tool for this art form is the pen, and there are many options when it comes to this. You can use a cartridge pen, which lets you change out nibs. Wider nibs are creating larger letters, whereas narrower nibs will be resulting in smaller print. With a cartridge pen, you can also switch out the ink, allowing you to change colors whenever you want. You can also choose a dip pen, which is exactly what it sounds like — a pen that you dip into a small pot of ink when you want to write.

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Operation Get Serious!

First off, I want to make it aware that this is the first time in a long time that I’ve blogged again. Yes, please go ahead and stand on your toes and give me a round of applause, I surely deserve it!

It’s not like I have anything major to talk about, but I did say once I found out more about the government honors thing I’d tell you all about it. So, yeah. Today, I and a bunch of others who were nominated received a pass to go to the counselor’s office instead of the last period of the day.

I was angry because I had a test to take in that class, but it turned out I didn’t have to take that test. Anyway, we all met in the faculty dining room. The lady told us what it was all about and it’s a very good thing to be a part of I must say and it will get me for a couple of weeks across the pond. Look out America, here I come!


So basically GHP or should I say Government Honors Program is when teachers nominate select students based on academic achievement, passion for a particular subject and everything of the like. Now, typically it’s expected that you get nominated for one subject. Fortunately, I was nominated for three subjects: English (Literature), Science (Chemistry) and History.

I was shocked to find out of all the people were there, I was the only one to have three nominations. Unfortunately, we can only select one of the subjects to focus on. Well, once you choose (if you have a choice) your subject of expertise, you have to submit an application. Well, I did and I hope this also helps to get my student loans consolidated. Continue Reading

Debt Consolidation Loans

What is a Debt Consolidation Loan?

When you are buried under loans from several lenders, your life becomes a constant run from one lender to another. You need to pay interest and installments on time to each of them. What if you only had to deal with one lender? If this could happen, life could be much easier, despite the fact that you would still be under debt and need to make monthly payments.

This is the entire concept of the consolidation loan. You consolidate various loans into a single loan and deal with only one lender. The money that you receive from this loan is used to pay off your other creditors.

What are the Benefits of Debt Consolidation Loans?

The advantages of this loan are that they are unsecured and come with a lower interest rate. If you want interest rates to be lower, you can pledge one of your assets against it. Mainly, these loans are used by people to gain better rates of interest. If the term of the loan is longer, your monthly repayment amount reduces even further.

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