Are You The Judge?

download xI’m unsure where the direction of this post will go because my head is all in a jumble. Chances are you’ll get confused as the post continues, but try your hardest to do so, okay? Great.

It’s one thing for someone to know you for a short time, and then suddenly assume they know you enough to judge your future actions and decisions. Judgmental. Are you? I really hope you didn’t answer that with a no. As a human being with flaws out of this world, very far from perfection I think we all do it, and that’s just the way it is.

Don’t you dare think you’re not judgmental because it’s bad thing. The truth is, it’s not. Not always at least. Judgment is a must have characteristic which I think is closely tied to your instincts. The way you judge is what matters, or should I say the reasons your judgments about something or some one are based upon.

A lot of the times, you can see the way someone is dressed, and immediately assume something about that person. Yes, it happens! If someone is dressed nice, you can infer that they’re fortunate with money and what not, or vise versa. Sometimes, you may just have a simple judgment, perhaps this person dressed nicely was celebrating a special day. Any way, the fact remains that we all pretty much judge someone ever day, point being that it’s not always about someone else’s appearance.

I dread those who make assumptions and are totally for stereotypical beliefs. It’s not right to act on the usual. Give people a chance. Have a better reason why you do what you do. I’m curious to know if people know they have such a problem using the basis of stereotypes, yet do nothing about it. Yes, perceptions are important, but don’t you just disagree with the people who over do it?

What I’m wondering is:

  • Do you often find yourself wrong about someone or something after making a judgment on few facts, and/or rumors?
  • What is more important: A first impression, or what happens in the long run?
  • Have you ever been judged not once having the chance to explain yourself?

If yes to the last question, how did it make you feel?

Aside from all that madness, I’ve been more than happy with the way my site has come a long and the awesome feedback I get in comments or e-mails. It’s you guys who make this FREE in my spare time experience worth while. In return, when I feel good about the site, I update, so enjoy!

Sounding Off On Blogs

I like to multi-task. When I manage to find the time to surf blogs, I surf 6 different traffic exchanges, vote on Battles in BotB, check my RSS feeds and write the occasional post. While I am doing all this, I like to listen to some tunes.

That is why it pisses me off to surf on to some website that has a video that autoplays or worse yet a blog with background music. It annoys the shit out of me to have my music drowned out by some crappy music that I would never listen by my own will. Have you heard Def Leppard blaring out of the same speaker as the theme to the David Letterman show? It sounds like hell. It’s enough to make me want to shove chopsticks in my ears in an effort to deafen myself.

I then have to click through each tab to find the culprit before the desire to claw all my skin off overcomes me. Unfortunately, half the time, when I find the offending blog, there is no way to turn off the noise. Is it too hard to just provide a link for people to click? If we are interested in seeing your video or hearing your music, we all know how to click on a link. See, I’ll show you…

You Got Another Thing Coming – Judas Priest

Yes, a surefire way to get me to click on the ignore button or vote against you in the BotB is to assault me with your ear pollution. For the love of God, please stop the torture!!!!