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A Passion For Art

Klokke works out of a bright, spacious art studio at I.S. 392 in Brownsville, Brooklyn. Student artwork, neatly matted and hung, covers every wall. “If you frame and mount it, the kids feel good about it,” he says. “It means the art is worth something.”

Each year, Klokke selects several students to participate in a special enrichment activity at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Students “adopt” a piece of artwork and do a semester’s worth of research about the piece. Then the students return to the museum to present their research and field questions from other students and museum staff. Read more

Small bakery provides great work experience for students

Rosenberg witnesses first-hand the transformations some students make while working at the bakery. “When they start, the students are afraid to touch anything!” she says. “But then they try, and if they make a mistake, they see it isn’t the worst thing in the world.” She adds that students working at the bakery might discover talents they never knew they had. Students also gain important math skills as they calculate measurements for her delicious baked goods.

“Working here is hands-on, and the skills stick in your head,” she says.

Not only does Madge provide great work experience for students, she also supports public school libraries through The Fund’s Shop for Class program. Read more

Inspiring school librarian

Each morning at 6:30, Peter flips the sign on his library door to “Open.” Within minutes, the first students appear and by 8:00 a.m. there are as many as forty students packing the room – reading, studying, or using the computers. “If you can get the kids to come in early, it’s a great way to get their day off and running,” says Kornicker. His book-jammed library is open all day, and he usually spends his lunch period at his desk to serve more students. Read more